Community Tree Plantings

Growing trees, growing communities.
TreeFolks’ CityShade program coordinates with local community partners to provide volunteer opportunities to plant and care for trees on public lands.

Ready, Set, Plant! – Planting Seedlings in Austin’s Watersheds

From October  through March, TreeFolks works with the City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Department and Urban Forestry Program to plant thousands of hardy, native tree seedlings that do not require irrigation. Riparian zones are known to be particularly biodiverse, and these seedlings help restore  this plant diversity, increase wildlife habitat, reduce water runoff, and improve water quality in Austin’s creeks.

Planting Trees in Austin Parks
From October through March, TreeFolks works with local municipal partners to plant trees in Austin and Travis County parks. These trees add beauty and shade, provide wildlife habitat, reduce water runoff, and improve our quality of life. Volunteers learn the importance of urban forest stewardship and how tree planting helps Austin’s environment, and its citizens, thrive. Planting native trees in our public spaces will enable us to create landscapes that are more resilient to drought and the other stresses of our urban environment


Tree TLC

Outside of the planting season, trees on public lands still need our tender loving care! Our Tree TLC volunteer events visit the trees in Austin and Travis County parks and give them some needed  maintenance. We clear debris and weeds from around the base of the trees, and spread mulch to protect roots from foot traffic and to keep them nice and cool during the hot summer months.

Is your organization looking for a way to support trees in our community? Consider sponsorship of our City Shade program! For more information on sponsorship, donations, and general giving, please contact For current volunteer opportunities, please check out our upcoming events here.

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Upcoming Planting Events

Below is a list of the upcoming tree planting events through this fall and winter.