Remove and Replace


We are currently seeking funding for this important program and are unable to continue removals until we find a funding source.

There is a waitlist of over 50 people, so if you have an extremely dangerous tree and the situation is urgent, we recommend you reach out to arborist companies personally. Visit and enter your zip code to find an arborist near you.

We are working hard to seek out grants, corporate sponsorships, and individuals donations so that we can keep helping our community. Please sign up for our waitlist, we hopefully will be able to start serving people again soon!

Do you need assistance with the removal of a dead or dying tree?

Austin area homeowners with a dead or dying tree that poses a risk to their home or property may qualify for free tree removal under TreeFolks’ Remove and Replace program.

Our program contracts with insured, qualified tree care companies to safely remove the dangerous tree. We then offer a young, native tree to plant in its place along with a free consultation.

To qualify for the program, an individual must (a) own the property where they are requesting service and (b) qualify for a federal low-income program including WIC, Medicaid, SNAP LoneStar, social security or an equivalent program and (c) the tree must present an immediate hazard to the house or structures. 

If you have a tree care emergency and do not qualify for our program we suggest contacting an insured, ISA-certified arborist. 

You can contact us at or (512) 443 5323 for a list of recommended tree care professionals.

Thank you to the arborists who donate their services for this program! 




The Remove and Replace program is funded in partnership with TreeFolks and the City of Austin.