Grow Zone Restoration Technique – Invasive Tree Girdling

Invasive trees pose a big problem in natural areas, as they reproduce rapidly and replace native species. Girdling, or scraping a section around the circumference of the tree, is a chemical-free and effective way to kill unwanted invasive trees. This technique can be a great addition to a riparian restoration land management plan.

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Research has shown that trees planted less than five (5) feet from sidewalks and driveways are not as healthy or live as long as trees that are given more space for its roots. Use this diagram as a guide to decide where you should plant your tree.

Fall and winter are the absolute best times to plant in Central Texas, early spring is the next best time. For Central Texas this is October 1st through March 31st. Planting during this time increases your tree’s chance of success. During this time the tree can focus on getting established without also having to cope with our intense summer heat.

 This depends on the mature size of the tree. If it is a large shade tree, like a live oak or sycamore, you will plant them 20 feet apart measured trunk to trunk. If it is a small tree, like an American Beautyberry or Desert Willow, they only need 10 feet of space between trees.