If you can help with one of the special projects below, please email You bring the skills, we’ll supply snacks, bubbly water, and gratitude

Event Photographer

You don’t need to be a pro with fancy equipment (though it doesn’t hurt to have a good camera)! We need someone who understands the basics of composition and is not afraid to take great photos of people and trees. Meet our wonderful community of neighbors, volunteers, and staff and help us to record the memories that make TreeFolks events so special. From students to professionals, we’d love your help!

Garden/Yard Help

Before we plant the trees, we need to get our backyard tree lot in order! If you can help spread mulch, clear branches, and spend a few hours working with TreeFolks staff, we’d love to have your help.

Mailing/ Office Help

Help send out a mailing this fall! This is a great way for a few friends to enjoy working together indoors while supporting TreeFolks administrative work. Scheduling this is flexible, so get in touch to go over the details.