Austin Tree Map

TreeFolks Austin Tree Map is a web-based, community tree survey tool to map Austin’s trees and help support our urban forest. You can use the map to keep track of your tree care activities, explore city tree data, share information and stories with your communities, and promote the value of our urban trees.

TreeFolks Austin Tree Map is supported with grants funded by The City of Austin Urban Forest Grant Program, Austin Parks Foundation and The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA).



Map your favorite trees or team up with your community to do a neighborhood tree inventory to monitor and care for your trees and share your knowledge and love of trees. Mapping trees can help support our urban forest by tracking threats to our tree canopy and diversity, like oak wilt and invasive species.

Participate in a citizen science project or become a Tree Map Verifier to help us build a powerful data set to help us learn about, care for, and protect our urban forest.


Keep track of your tree care activities, including when you watered, pruned, or mulched, to help keep your trees healthy.

Share info and stories about your trees! The Austin Tree Map links directly to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ so you can share your trees with your friends and community.

Explore tree data added by other community members and organizations, including The City of Austin and The University of Texas, to find historic trees, locate public fruit and nut trees, and make a collection of your favorite Austin trees.