Tree Identification Strolls


TreeFolks’ fun, friendly, and free Tree ID strolls aim to teach people how to identify the trees we see around us every day. Our knowledgeable guides include arborists, environmental scientists, and local naturalists who bring their varied insights and experiences to our events. Topics range from introductory tree identification in English and Spanish to strolls that examine the role trees play in our local arts, history, and culture.

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In addition to learning about tree identification techniques, species diversity, wildlife habitat, and tree anatomy, participants also learn how to map trees on the Austin Tree Map using the OpenTreeMap app. For more information about our free, web-based, community tree survey tool visit the Austin Tree Map webpage.

For more information about each event, visit our events page. 

Lead a stroll

Want to share your knowledge and love for trees with others? Lead a stroll as a volunteer Tree ID Docent! If you’re a Certified Arborist or Master Naturalist, you can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and volunteer credit. To learn more about becoming a Tree ID Docent and to apply, visit

Dig deeper

Looking for more advanced tree learning opportunities? We also partner with local professionals to offer advanced topic and creative workshops, including advanced arboriculture strolls and urban forest art classes. To find upcoming workshops, visit our events page. 

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