Bastrop County Community Reforestation Program

The Bastrop County Complex Fire was the most destructive wildfire in Texas history impacting over 34,000 acres of the unique Lost Pines eco-region.  This massive fire forced thousands of evacuations, destroyed more than 1,600 homes and took the lives of two people.  More than 16,200 acres of loblolly pines unique to the Central Texas region as well as deciduous hardwood forests were burned.

TreeFolks is providing comprehensive reforestation services to private landowners through the Bastrop County Community Reforestation Program (BCCRP) to accelerate recovery of the Lost Pines eco-system and communities.  This is a 5 year reforestation campaign to plant over 1.1 million trees on private lands – the first of its kind.  Last winter, community volunteers and Texas Conservation Corps planted 68,000 loblolly pine and mixed hardwood trees on 54 private parcels throughout the burn area.  Planning and implementation for Year 2 tree planting is underway with a goal to plant 750,000 trees on approximately 1,500 acres of private property.

We invite all landowners within the Bastrop County Complex Fire burn area to apply for reforestation services.  We will make every effort to serve landowners in the order that applications are received.  If your property does not receive tree planting services this year, we ask for your patience.  The demand for trees and reforestation services is far greater than the availability of tree planting resources.  Year 2 planting efforts will largely focus on properties that submitted an application last year but are not yet re-planted.

As we move forward, site conditions will change and site preparation or post-planting herbicide may be necessary to reduce competition from surrounding vegetation.  These items are currently the responsibility of each landowner and are not required, but may have a dramatic effect on survival rates in the future.  TreeFolks’ Reforestation Coordinator will provide further information about these options during the on-site consultation.

If you have questions regarding this program call (512) 443-5323, or email to learn more. To volunteer with TreeFolks check our Volunteer Opportunities page.

The goal of BCCRP is to provide complete reforestation services free of charge to all landowners who were affected by the fire; this includes a site visit, landowner education, tree planting, and tree survival evaluation. This program depends on grant funding, contracts, corporate sponsorship, individual donations and in-kind material donations and we cannot guarantee funding for this program during future planting seasons. To become a BCCRP sponsor or donate to the reforestation efforts, please Support Wildfire Relief or contact TreeFolks at (512) 443-5323.