Bastrop County Community Reforestation Program

Bringing the Lost Pines home again.

Girls Bastrop Reforestation in Fog

TreeFolks’ Bastrop County Community Reforestation Program (BCCRP) accelerates recovery of the Lost Pines ecosystem by reforesting private property affected by the Labor Day Wildfires of 2011, known as the Bastrop County Complex Fire.  TreeFolks provides comprehensive reforestation services to all property owners affected by the fires, free of charge, by planting drought tolerant loblolly pine trees utilizing volunteers and professional tree planting crews.  TreeFolks also provides free trees through large giveaway events, where all Bastrop area residents may receive both loblolly pines and hardwood trees and education about how to plant and care for the trees at their homes.  Our hope, and the hope of all of the home owners, volunteers, partners, and donors who contribute to this massive effort, is to restore the Lost Pines to its former glory so that the residents of Bastrop County can once again live in the forest where they have built their homes and their lives.


Planting Hope in Bastrop CountyHOW IT WORKS

Reforestation services are provided free of charge to all landowners within the Bastrop County Complex Fire burn scar and include a site visit, education, tree planting services and tree survival evaluation.  We make every effort to serve landowners in the order that applications are received.  If you plan to remove dead trees at a future date, please wait to apply until clearing is completed.  The process for clearing trees is damaging to the pine seedlings and TreeFolks cannot provide additional trees to replace those that may be damaged during land clearing.  To apply for the program, please download the Reforestation Application and submit by email to or mail to: Reforestation Coordinator, TreeFolks, P.O. Box 704, Austin, TX 78767.


A row of homes destroyed by wildfire in Bastrop, TXWHY REFORESTATION?

The Bastrop County Complex Fire was the most destructive wildfire in Texas history impacting over 34,000 acres of the unique Lost Pines eco-region.  This massive fire forced thousands of evacuations, destroyed more than 1,600 homes and took the lives of two people.  More than 16,200 acres of loblolly pines unique to the Central Texas region as well as deciduous hardwood forests were burned.

Thousands of privately-owned properties were classified as severely burned, meaning the recovery of any significant loblolly pines are unlikely to occur under natural conditions.  In response, the Texas A&M Forest Service and Bastrop County asked TreeFolks to develop a program to reforest private property, embarking on a five-year campaign to plant over 2 million loblolly pines on private land.


Little boy digging BastropYOU CAN HELP

TreeFolks’ Bastrop County Community Reforestation Program has planted more than 650,000 trees on residential property in Bastrop County over the past two years.  Over 1,100 volunteers have donated 3,500 hours towards this project, an equivalent to $82,000 of in-kind labor contributions!  Volunteers and professional planting crews will plant an additional 700,000 pines during the upcoming 2014-2015 winter season, moving closer to our 2 million tree goal.  Thousands of volunteers are needed to to help reforest properties for our neighbors in Bastrop County.  Opportunities are available from November through March and are listed on our Volunteer Opportunities page under “Reforestation in Bastrop County.”  Sign up to volunteer today and witness first-hand the impact of disaster relief.

TreeFolks’ Reforestation Program is the first of its kind to replant trees for large numbers of small, privately-owned properties in semi-rural communities.  Reforestation in Bastrop County has proven a successful model for government, business and nonprofit agencies to work together for a common goal: restoring the Lost Pines of Bastrop County.  TreeFolks’ reforestation efforts complement the work of the broader Lost Pines Recovery Team, a consortium of local, state and federal agencies led by Bastrop County.  If you would like to support our Lost Pines recovery efforts, please donate online or contact TreeFolks at (512) 443-5323.