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Arroyo Seco

A 30-Year Journey of Community and Trees

Planting the Seeds of Change

In the late ’80s, Arroyo Seco was a forgotten drainage ditch, overlooked by many. TreeFolks, a small nonprofit, envisioned transforming it into a green haven and planted the seeds of change on February 20th, 1993, with 140 trees. Little did they know that, with the community’s help, Arroyo Seco would blossom into a beautiful spot forever etched in our hearts.

Community Collaboration

The success of Arroyo Seco lies in the collective efforts of 116 community volunteers, families, friends, and TreeFolks staff. The act of planting trees became a symbol of unity, expressing their commitment to a brighter, greener future. Despite challenges, the community stood resilient, nurturing each tree through droughts and storms, fostering a sense of pride and ownership.

In uncertain times, planting a tree is a promise to the future and something tangible we can do together.

Since Arroyo Seco

Since the Arroyo Seco project in 1993, our work has taken us all around town and beyond Austin city limits. We’ve remained committed to our core programming of planting and giving away trees, and have continually challenged ourselves to do more, like when we stepped up to provide relief after fires and floods devastated Bastrop and Wimberley. Though we’ve grown and changed in our 34 years, our core mission to empower Central Texans through planting and caring for trees has never wavered. From our very first planting on Stassney Lane to our equity work in the Eastern Crescent and everywhere in between, we’re grateful to have had your support along the way.

How To Help

With your continued support in the coming year, you will play a crucial role in TreeFolks’ efforts to increase the number of acres reforested, produce 50,000 more saplings through our Seeds to Trees Nursery, and distribute 7,000 more trees to find roots in their forever homes through our NeighborWoods tree adoption program! 

We certainly couldn’t show kindness to our trees without the kindness from our folks! Join us in a journey beyond planting hope in 2024 and help nurture the next 30 years of trees and community!