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Urban Forest Stewards

Equipping community members with the skills to protect Central Texas' trees.

The Urban Forest Stewards Program:

The Urban Forest Stewards Program is a chance for community members to be educated and trained on the workings of our urban forest ecosystem. From tree biology and tree care to placemaking and ecosystem services, these informative and interactive adult-education sessions are designed to inspire the confidence and actions required to become a steward of Austin’s urban forest.

Graduates of the course and workshops become active leaders in their communities and become a resource for the next generation of Urban Forest Stewards in Austin, Texas.

As an Urban Forest Steward, you will…

  • Experience a deeper understanding of trees and how to care for them,
  • Design and scope a stewardship project,
  • Learn how to organize your partners and volunteers, and
  • Explore the resources available for you to implement your stewardship project.

Welcome to the UFS Online Course!

View the 2020-21 Course Syllabus

Questions? Contact Becky Woodward, Education Coordinator:

UFS Course Modules

Learning Module 1

UFS210: Central Texas’ Trees: Adaptations & Biology

Learning Module 2

UFS211: Urbanization & Other Effects on Trees

Learning Module 3

UFS212: Fostering a Healthy Urban Forest