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Urban Forest Stewards

Equipping community members with the skills to protect Central Texas' trees.

The Urban Forest Stewards Program:

The Urban Forest Stewards Program is a chance for community members to learn about the workings of our urban forest ecosystem. From tree biology and tree care to placemaking and ecosystem services, these informative virtual lectures are designed to inspire the confidence and actions required to become a steward of Austin’s urban forest.

Graduates of the course become active leaders in their communities and a resource for the next generation of Urban Forest Stewards in Austin, Texas.

As an Urban Forest Steward, you will…

  • Watch online lectures to enhance your knowledge of trees and their maintenance.
  • Use quizzes as a tool to confirm and reinforce your comprehension.
  • Earn a certification upon successful completion of the quizzes.
  • Upon completing the course, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in practical, real-world experiences alongside TreeFolks and your local community, allowing you to put your newly acquired knowledge into action.
    • After graduating, we strongly encourage you to consider becoming a TreeFolks Super Volunteer. TreeFolks Super Volunteer program: It is free to participate, and it’s a great opportunity for folks who want to learn more about trees and connect with their communities as leaders and mentors in the environmental space. No previous knowledge or experience is required.
    • How do Super Volunteers help? TreeFolks relies on our Volunteer Planting Supervisors (Supers for short) to help us educate and lead our regular volunteers, many of whom are new to tree planting and volunteering. You will receive free training and support from us, and there is no minimum attendance requirement. This could be a great opportunity for someone who loves trees and people!
    • Please contact our volunteer coordinator with any questions you have about the Super Volunteer program: (512) 761-8738

UFS Course Modules

Learning Module 1

Central Texas’ Trees: Adaptations & Biology

Learning Module 2

Urbanization & Other Effects on Trees

Learning Module 3

Fostering a Healthy Urban Forest