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Native Tree Seed Collection

Partnering with the community to collect seeds and regrow native trees!

Native Tree Seed Collection Program

TreeFolks is starting our own Native Tree Seed Collection program, in partnership with the Central Texas Seed Savers and the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department. With each year getting hotter and our native trees needing our help now more than ever before, we are committed to collecting seeds and taking the next step in replanting a bountiful native tree canopy. We are very concerned about the lack of native trees available from our growers for a variety of reasons, so we are beginning to train and educate volunteers to help. We are excited to collect thousands of seeds from trees native to Central Texas with the support of passionate volunteers and community partners, and you can help!

How Can I Help?

The most important step in any new program is education! Click here to view the Tree Identification for Seed Savers education guide, which gives a great overview of the best ways to identify trees and know exactly what you are looking for!

Next is Seed Collection! Since most of us are not arborists, we need some helpful information to begin seed identification and collection. You can review an incredibly detailed and useful Seed-to-Tree Seed Collection Chart here, thanks to our friends at Central Texas Seed Savers.

Seed Collection is one thing, but identifying exactly what you are collecting is another task. Click here to view a wonderful presentation from our partners at Texas A&M Forest Service, which will help you understand the basics — and importance — of seed collection.

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Steps for TreeFolks Seed Collection:

Step 1:

Read through the seed collection and identification information listed above, or click the buttons below to review the resources.

Tree Identification for Seed SaversSeed-to-Tree: Seed Collection ChartBasics of Tree Seed Collection GuideWPD Seed Collection Guidelines

Step 2:

Print and fill out the TreeFolks Seed Collection Form with each seed donation OR handwrite the info from the form. It’s alright if you cannot print the form; we just need the form info written and provided to us in some way!

TreeFolks Seed Collection Form

Step 3:

Drop off or mail seeds (please place seeds in a small sealed bag, pouch, or envelope) to TreeFolks with either a printed and completed form, or a piece of paper with your form responses written on it. Please note: if you plan to deliver the seeds to the TreeFolks office, please first contact our education department, at

TreeFolks Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1395, Del Valle, TX 78617-1395

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