Reforesting the Lost Pines

Bastrop County suffered among the most catastrophic fires in Texas history back in 2011 and 2015, affecting over 34,000 acres of the Lost Pines region where the native population of Loblolly Pines resides. The fires left a significant portion of the ecosystem severely burned and unlikely to recover at a fast enough pace to keep up with invasive species.

In response to this disaster, the Bastrop County Community Reforestation Program was launched in December 2012 with the mission to promote the recovery and restoration of not just the Loblolly Pine ecosystem, but of Bastrop County and the communities affected by the fires.

The program, better known as “Reforesting the Lost Pines,” provided reforestation services to eligible participants through the utilization of volunteers and community-based education and outreach opportunities. These opportunities are focused on planting and distributing native, drought-resistant Loblolly Pine seedlings as well as other native hardwoods.

By 2017, over 2 million pines were planted in nearly 4,000 acres with an additional 100,000 seedlings distributed to the community at large. Trees were planted by Superior Forestry Services, AmeriCorps’ TXCC, and over 2,000 volunteers. We appreciate the support of The Arbor Day Foundation, Bastrop County, Texas A&M Forest Service, HEB, as well as individual donors and program participants!

From 2017-2019, TreeFolks has continued to partner with Bastrop County to distribute an annual 25,000 Loblolly Pine seedlings through giveaway events and home deliveries. We are encouraging Bastrop County residents to fill out our survey in order to receive news and updates regarding the distribution of an additional 25,000 for the upcoming 20-21 season.

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Nearly 10 years later, we are seeing great progress as many of the planted pines are now producing their own cones!

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