Reforesting the Lost Pines

Bringing the Lost Pines home again

5 years. 2.1 million pines. 2,199 volunteers. Over 400 landowners served.

Beginning in 2012, TreeFolks provided free, comprehensive reforestation services to private property owners affected by the Labor Day wildfires of 2011. In February of 2017, our volunteers planted the 2 millionth drought tolerant loblolly pine tree in Bastrop. Though five years of recovery have brought beauty and ecological functioning back to Bastrop, the work is not yet complete. By continuing to distribute pines in Bastrop, our hope is to restore the Lost Pines to its former glory so that the residents of Bastrop County can once again live in a forest.



Landowners whose property was affected by the 2011 Labor Day fire or the Hidden Pines fire of 2015 may apply to receive free drought tolerant loblolly pine seedlings. While changes to the program mean TreeFolks can no longer provide planting services, our staff will deliver pines to your property and be available to answer questions regarding reforestation. If your properties have been affected by the fires and you want to talk to us about our work in Bastrop please contact us at

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