Reforesting the Lost Pines

Bringing the Lost Pines home again
TreeFolks’ Bastrop County Community Reforestation Program (BCCRP) accelerates recovery of the Lost Pines ecosystem burned in the 2011 Labor Day Wildfires. Since 2012 TreeFolks has provided free, comprehensive reforestation services to private property owners affected by the fires. By February of 2017 our volunteer and contract crews will have planted 2,000,000 drought tolerant loblolly pine trees in Bastrop. At our annual tree giveaway event TreeFolks hands out loblolly pine and hardwood saplings to Bastrop residents, along with planting and care instructions. Our hope is to restore the Lost Pines to its former glory so that the residents of Bastrop County can once again live in a forest.

lost-pines-home-againYOU CAN HELP
Over 1,500 volunteers have donated 4,500 hours of their time to reforest the Lost Pines on private lands, an equivalent to $99,000 of in-kind labor contributions! Volunteers are still needed to help plant from December through February. Sign up to volunteer and witness first-hand the impact of disaster relief.

Landowners whose property was affected by the 2011 Labor Day Fires or the Hidden Pines fires of 2015 may apply for free reforestation services. These services include a site visit to determine reforestation needs, preparation of a site plan, and education about tree care and post-fire forest succession. With the landowner’s permission, we then schedule and supervise tree planting services and later conduct survival studies. If your properties have been affected by the fires and you want to talk to us about our work in Bastrop please contact us at

Sign Up to Volunteer

Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page for a list of all volunteer events through this fall and winter. If you would like to help supervise a small group of volunteers at an event, please pre-register and then send an email to

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