Reforestation Services

What we do

TreeFolks works to reforest Central Texas through large-scale tree planting and education services on public and private lands. In the wake of fire and flood, TreeFolks has been there for our neighbors — to help Central Texas reforest, heal, and restore our ecological balance.

All of our programs are provided at no cost to landowners in our service areas. Free trees, free planting services, and free consultations are available to those who qualify. 

How we do it

Central Texas Floodplain Reforestation Program

Natural Climate Solutions pilot project to reforest degraded Travis County streams and generate Carbon+ Credits offsets. This program is meant to restore creeksides that have been impacted by grazing, agriculture, or other long-term impacts and improve in-stream water quality while sequestering carbon. Intended to serve landowners whose property includes creekside or streamside areas that are not already fully forested. Lands do not need to have been damaged by flood or fire in order to qualify. 

Bastrop County Community Reforestation Program

The Lost Pines fire in 2011 and the Hidden Pines Fire in 2015 burned over 34,000 acres of land, affecting thousands of private landowners and degrading the highly sensitive Houston Toad ecosystem. In just 5 years, TreeFolks planted over 1 million Loblolly Pine saplings as a way to mimic and speed up the natural reforestation process. To this day, TreeFolks continues to give free saplings and education services to affected landowners.

Trees for the Blanco Program

When Hays County was hit by two devastating flash floods in 2015, TreeFolks embarked in a large-scale effort to restore the riparian forest of the Blanco River. By the end of the 2018-2019 season, TreeFolks will have planted over 200,000 saplings for more than 30 miles of the river bank. Riparian forests help mitigate future floods, decrease soil erosion, maintain water flow during droughts, create wildlife habitat, and provide shade for fish and humans alike