We are done with deliveries for the 2018-2019 tree-planting season.  We will begin delivering again in October 2019.

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NeighborWoods is a partnership between TreeFolks and the City of Austin to lower summer temperatures and reduce energy consumption by investing in tree canopy cover for Austin area neighborhoods. NeighborWoods is proudly supported by the Community Tree Preservation Division in the Development Services Department at the City of Austin. We distribute 4,600 free trees every year during the very best planting season for Central Texas, October 1st through March 31st.

Planting trees around your home will lower your energy bills, make your home more comfortable and beautiful, and clean the air you breathe. Trees reduce water consumption in the landscape by providing shade to other plants and even help increase the region’s water supply by helping water soak into the aquifer. In other words, planting trees is a great way to help preserve Austin’s quality of life.

We are done with deliveries for the 2018-2019 tree-planting season.  We will begin delivering again in October 2019.

Please sign up today, and we will keep you on our waitlist until the fall


You must get your electricity from Austin Energy or live in Austin’s Full Purpose Jurisdiction and agree to care for the tree for two years, and have space for the trees.

Don’t qualify for a NeighborWoods tree? Don’t worry, check out our sapling giveaways. There are no qualifications necessary to receive a free sapling.

Ways to get a NeighborWoods tree:

  1. Attend a Tree Giveaway
    • Take a tree home that day!
    • We give away one tree per person who attends.
    • Please bring one of the following: Austin Energy bill, ID with an Austin Full Purpose Jurisdiction address, or Austin Library card.
  2. Sign up for our Free Tree Delivery Service 
    • Things to note about the tree delivery process:
      • We deliver trees during the best planting season between October to March.
      • Using existing Google Maps, we evaluate your property and offer trees based on your available space.
      • You will have the opportunity to pick from a handful of species that fit based on the assessment we offer.

What kind of trees are they, and how big?

We chose a wide selection of native and well-adapted trees grown by local tree farmers. They come in a 5-gallon container, so the trees are about 3-5 ft tall, depending on the species.

Long-term studies of tree growth have shown that planting small trees, like the ones we provide, results in larger and healthier trees after a few years of growth compared with planting larger trees, because smaller trees are more resilient and get established faster.

We also offer fruit trees, subject to availability, that are adapted to our unique climate and soils here in Austin.

The Fine Print

You agree to care for your new tree for at least two years, you have space for trees, and reside in an eligible area. We conduct an annual survival study in which we randomly select trees to assess in vehicle inspections from the street. We won’t share your contact information with anyone or send you a bunch of unrelated emails. It really is totally free!

Have any questions?
We’d love to hear from you.
Phone: 512-443-5323


Thank you to the Urban Forest Grant for supporting this program. Learn more about what you can do with an Urban Forest Grant at #ATXUFGrant to see some of our photos from the events.


We offer trees in October through March. 

Sign up for the Fall 2019 waitlist today!

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