Reforesting the Lost Pines

Bringing the Lost Pines home again

6 years. 2.2 million pines. 2,199 volunteers. Over 400 landowners served.

The 2011 Bastrop County Complex Fire was the most destructive wildfire in Texas history; affecting over 34,000 acres of the Lost Pines region in Bastrop County. An estimated 75 percent of that acreage had private owners. Besides destroying over 1,600 homes and inflicting property damage estimated at $325 million, the fire devastated the native population of loblolly pines, leaving many of the affected properties severely burned and unlikely to recover their original pine coverage.

In response to this disaster, the Lost Pines Forest Recovery Campaign was formed by a coalition of organizations to begin the process of reforestation on both public and private lands. TreeFolks is a member of the Lost Pines Forest Recovery Campaign and was asked to lead reforestation efforts on private lands because of its experience organizing volunteers to plant trees in public parks.

The Bastrop County Community Reforestation Program (BCCRP) launched in December 2012, with the mission to promote recovery and reforestation of Bastrop County, it’s communities, and residents affected by the 2011 Bastrop County Complex Fire. BCCRP provides reforestation services to eligible participants through the utilization of volunteers and community-based education and outreach opportunities. These opportunities are focused on planting available native, drought-resistant loblolly pine seedlings.

In February of 2017, our volunteers planted the 2 millionth drought tolerant loblolly pine tree in Bastrop. Though six years of recovery have brought beauty and ecological functioning back to Bastrop, the work is not yet complete. By continuing to distribute pines in Bastrop, our hope is to restore the Lost Pines to its former glory so that the residents of Bastrop County can once again live in a forest.

For more information on how you can reforest Central Texas, click here to volunteer or email Andreina AlexatosDirector of Reforestation for any additional inquiries.


If your property was affected by the wildfires in Bastrop County, please apply below to receive free Loblolly pine seedlings delivered to your home.

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