April Rose with Sycamore leafTreeFolks tree identification and mapping events aim to teach you how to identify and map the trees that you see around you every day. Brother Daniel Lynch said in his Native and Naturalized Woody Plants of Austin and the Hill Country, “In conservation, it is well to remember that we cannot appreciate what we do not know.” At TreeFolks, we believe that learning to identify trees is an important step toward increasing appreciation, conservation, and care of trees and the wildlife and vibrant neighborhoods they support. By mapping trees, we can practice urban forest stewardship by contributing important information and promoting the value of Austin’s urban forest.

In our tree identification and mapping activities, we’ll discuss trees common to Central Texas, species diversity, wildlife habitat, tree anatomy, and how to map trees on the TreeFolks Austin Tree Map using the OpenTreeMap app for iOS and Android devices. Each of our guides, both TreeFolks staff and knowledgeable volunteers have different knowledge and experiences that they bring to the table.

For more information about TreeFolks Austin Tree Map, our free collaborative community project to map Austin’s urban forest, visit our webpage, What is TreeFolks Austin Tree Map?.