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Mortality Survey at Reimer’s Ranch

By April 18, 2011No Comments

Trees are an important element of the ecology and history of central Texas. They are a central component of the aesthetics and experience for residents and visitors of Central Texas.   Trees along the Pedernales River cool the water, clean storm water runoff, provide habitat for wildlife, stabilize the bank, and provide shade, beauty and comfort to visitors.   Early settlers realized that the bald cypress tree provided long lasting, rot resistant building material and it was harvested in large numbers.   In many places, such as Reimer’s Ranch, too much cypress was harvested leaving insufficient seed source for natural regeneration.

Reforestation is a component of world wide initiatives to combat global warming, recharge aquifers, provide food and building materials, and improve the quality of life for residents of urban and rural communities.   TreeFolks is a regional expert on tree planting and establishment.   Since 1989 TreeFolks has planted more than 165,000 trees in Central Texas using the expertise of foresters and certified arborists who match species selection and establishment regimes with local capacity and client goals.  We have worked with municipalities, counties, schools, community gardens, and more to educate, inspire and improve the quality of life for thousands of citizens.

From August to December in 2007 and 2008, TreeFolks collected bald cypress seed from trees near the Pedernales River within Reimer’s Ranch.  Seeds were germinated and grown to saplings, then replanted along the banks of the Pedernales in February 2010 with the help of volunteers.

On April 14, 2011, TreeFolks and Travis County staff recorded 37 surviving saplings from this initial project.   Given that no supplemental water was provided for the trees and the severity of drought in recent years, this outcome is considered a success.