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By August 3, 2011No Comments

On a recent hike at the Nalle Bunny Run Preserve I had the pleasure of spotting several anaqua trees (Ehretia anacua). This mostly evergreen, medium sized tree can reach 50′ in height and often forms clumping groves from root sprouts. My favorite feature of this tree is its colorful small fruit that first turns vibrant shades of yellow, then orange, then black and is a favorite for birds and mammals. Its white flowers, sandpaper textured leaves, and coarse bark pattern make anaqua easy to distinguish from other nearly evergreen trees in the area such as Mexican white oak (Quercus polymorpha). Anaqua was recently added to our Native Tree Growing Guide which you can view on our Resources page. Anaqua would be a great tree to add to the home landscape. It is extremely drought and disease tolerant and attracts a variety of wildlife. It may be a little hard to find but local nurseries are likely to have a few on hand or can order one from a local grower.  ~April

Photo: Anacua – April Rose