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What do we do when the skies send us rain? We plant trees in it!

By December 13, 2011No Comments

Join TreeFolks and the City of Austin to plant native, drought resistant baby trees in Austin’s parks and preserves!  Ready, Set, Plant! is a volunteer tree planting initiative designed to respond to rain events by rushing out to plant tree seedlings that will thrive in the extra moisture at planting time and won’t require supplemental irrigation when the rains are few and far between.  The following events are tentative and dates may be moved in order to plant these trees at the optimal time to improve chances of survival.  We’ve already moved the Red Bud Isle Preserve planting date up to take advantage of recent rains.  Register to volunteer by clicking on the events listed below.  We’ll send out email reminders to volunteers a few days prior to each event and will, of course, contact you if there are any changes to an event you are registered for.

January 14 – Ready, Set, Plant!
Zilker Preserve
South Barton Springs Pool

January 28 – Ready, Set, Plant!
Commons Ford Metropolitan Park
Lamar Beach (FULL)

February 11 – Ready, Set, Plant!
Mayfield Preserve
Perry Park
To learn more about Ready, Set, Plant!, Austin Urban Forestry’s seedling planting initiative, please visit