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Trees prove their worth as temperatures rise

By June 13, 2012No Comments

As very hot weather returns to Austin, we all start to appreciate the value of trees beyond their simple beauty – they offer shade and cool the air around them through the process of transpiration.  Start thinking about trees and the impact they have on our city as a crucial part of our public infrastructure by participating in The Great Texas Tree Roundup.  You can help put Texas’ trees on the map – literally!  According to the Texas Forest Service, Texas has lost nearly 6 million city trees in the current drought.  Now more than ever we need to account for and value our urban forest and The Great Texas Tree Roundup is trying to do just that.  It’s easy to join and start mapping trees.  Once your trees are validated, you will be able to see the benefits provided by each tree in monetary terms.  An excellent tool for homeowners and tree lovers alike.

View the tree benefits of the black walnut pictured at right.

Humans aren’t the only ones enjoying the shade as things heat up – animals and insects rely on the habitat our urban trees provide as well.  Wildlife Austin featured an article by Nina Hawkins of TreeFolks about how shade trees contribute to urban wildlife habitats in their June newsletter, Habitat Herald.

Read the Habitat Herald article.


Article contributers: Colleen Dieter – TreeFolks Board member and Austin landscaper, Kari Gaukler – Tree Roundup Coordinator, and Nina Hawkins – TreeFolks Assoc. Director
Photo: Black walnut (Juglans nigra) near Twin Falls, Austin, TX by Kari Gaukler