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Nominate your favorite tree today!

By June 14, 2012No Comments

Austin’s Tree of the Year Award was created in March 2007 to identify and recognize outstanding trees within the city limits of Austin that are most valuable and unique to this area. Each year, these beautiful and healthy trees provide Austinites with examples of the benefits of proper tree selection, care and placement. Austin’s Tree of the Year Award promotes and raises awareness about the many benefits and beauty of Austin’s urban forest by recognizing one exceptional tree each year.

In addition to the annual Tree of the Year award, special recognition for a Community Tree of the Year may be given. To be considered for this award your nomination should demonstrate how your tree supports, promotes and creates community.

Download the 2012 Nomination Form


  • Must include a map and photograph to help the judges identify the tree
  • Nominations are limited to two per person per year
  • Each nominated tree must be native to Texas or listed in the City of Austin’s Grow Green Guide
  • Located within Austin’s city limits
  • On public property or capable of being viewed from public property
  • If located on private property the owner must consent to the tree information and location being made available to the public
  • Must not be the same species as the winning tree of the previous year (the 2011 Tree of the Year was a Pecan)
  • Nominations must be received by July 31, 2012

Please direct questions to: treeoftheyear at treefolks dot org or call (512) 443-5323.
While the Austin Tree of the Year Award is designed to recognize outstanding trees, the City of Austin & TreeFolks cannot guarantee the continued health or safety of any nominated tree.