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Tree Care

Fall is prime time to plant trees

By October 16, 2012No Comments

October is here and that means it’s time to plant trees!  Most folks think that spring is the best time for gardening and tree planting… and in Minnesota, that’s true.  But in Central Texas’ mild-to-hot climate its all about autumn.  There is no better time to plant a tree than right now.  Trees planted in spring, when the sap is flowing, concentrate on putting out new leaves rather than growing the roots they will need to find water during drought.  Trees in Texas do best when they’re planted in autumn or winter because that gives them plenty of time to send out new roots into the surrounding soil before the arrival of the killer hot summer.  The earlier in the season you plant your tree, the longer it will have to grow those life sustaining roots.

We want you to plant a tree this fall.  Sapling Days is TreeFolks’ annual awareness campaign that fall is the best time to plant trees in Central Texas.  We’re giving away baby trees at several Sapling Days events across Central Texas this fall.  These saplings require very little water to become established and grow into wonderful trees.

If you would like a free tree to plant this fall, visit our Sapling Days page for a list of events.

If you would like to volunteer to help give away saplings, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page.