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NeighborWoods in Your Hood

By January 15, 2013No Comments

NeighborWoods Flags for homepageRecognize these flags? They mean that a homeowner was offered 1 or more totally, completely, FREE trees to plant along the street to create a more shaded, energy-efficient, and walkable neighborhood. Street trees help lower summer temperatures by as much as 5 degrees! We’re currently evaluating yards in South and West Austin to give 3,900 street trees to qualified homeowners.  Thanks to a grant from the Save Barton Creek Association, 200 of those trees are guaranteed to go to residents in the Barton Creek recharge zone.  If you see these flags in your ‘hood, encourage your neighbors to accept the free trees they were offered – at your next neighborhood meeting, on your neighborhood listserv or with a friendly word. If you have a neighbor who may be unable to plant the trees they are eligible for, offer to plant the trees for them. That small investment of time and neighborliness will pay off in more ways than one!

NeighborWoods has provided more than 50,000 street trees to Austin area homeowners since the start of the program in 1994.  Since TreeFolks began managing NeighborWoods in 2002, we’ve provided more than 38,000 trees to more than 20,000 homes!  This Fall we delivered more than 1,500 trees to over 800 homes, and will reach a total of 3,900 trees delivered by April 1st.  During our 11th year with NeighborWoods, TreeFolks has increased outreach to neighborhood groups and residents to increase response rates and make sure that tree recipients know how to care for the trees once they get them.  TreeFolks has organized several events to give away free slow-release tree watering bags, demonstrate the proper way to plant a tree, and answer questions about tree planting and care.

We are currently posting in neighborhoods within the following zip codes: 78704, 78727, 78729, 78745, 78749, 78758, 78759 and a small portion of 78739 and 78748.  We posted in 78735 and 78746 earlier this fall, and will return there soon, because that area is in the Barton Creek recharge zone.