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NeighborWoods Tree Giveaway – March 1st at Highland Mall

By February 25, 2014No Comments

logo_NeighborWood_new_COLORAre you an Austin Energy customer? Come to Highland Mall on March 1st and get a free tree. TreeFolks will give away 1,000 5-gallon trees as part of the NeighborWoods heat island mitigation program. We’ll start giving away up to 2 trees per household at 11 am and will continue until all the trees are gone or 2 pm, whichever comes first. You will need to bring a copy of your utility bill or your ID to prove eligibility and agree to plant your tree as soon as possible and water it regularly for 2 years. We encourage you to plant your tree along the street to create a shadier street for the neighborhood, but you may also plant your tree in the backyard. More trees = more shade = cooler neighborhoods! Available species are Chinquapin oak, Mexican sycamore, Cedar Elm, Mexican white oak, Praire flame-leaf sumac, Anacacho orchid tree, Texas Redbud, and Texas persimmon.

If you came out to Bartholomew Park for a free tree last year, you’ll remember that it was CRAZY because we were unprepared for the HUGE number of people that turned out! This time, we are READY with a horde of volunteers and lots of parking. Parking for the event is in the lot at the corner of Middle Fiskville Rd and Highland Mall Blvd., next to the Travelodge. Here is a fancy map that Community Forester, Greg Mast, worked up. Please park in the designated area marked in blue and walk to the area marked with a star to fill out your tree adoption form and get up to 2 free trees!  Please note: You will need to carry the trees from the event to your vehicle.  Overflow parking will be available in the entire mall parking lot.

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