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Help spread the word about NeighborWoods

By February 12, 2015No Comments

NeighborWoods - Get a free tree for your home! Find out if you qualify by March 1st:’re nearing the end of the planting season and still have lots of trees to give away! Do you know someone who could use a free tree?

TreeFolks partners with the City of Austin to provide future shade trees for residents in neighborhoods throughout the Austin Energy service area. Mature trees can make your home more comfortable by blocking the sweltering summer sun and can keep surface temperatures 20 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than exposed areas. TreeFolks staff evaluate your yard to see if you have room to plant one or more trees, guide you through the process of selecting your tree, and deliver it right to your door. There’s really no catch! All you have to do is plant the trees and water them for two years.

Planting a tree is one of the best ways to keep your neighborhood a beautiful and comfortable place to live. NeighborWoods trees are delivered October – March, so contact us by March 1st to have your yard evaluated and get a tree before warm weather sets in.  Click here to learn more about the Treefolks NeighborWoods program.

Even if you don’t have room for a large shade tree, you may still qualify for a lovely under story tree that produces flowers in spring or fruit in fall. We just received a delivery of beautiful fig trees that could start producing fruit in as little as a year, and they need homes.  Contact us today or tell a friend or neighbor about this totally free program to shade and beautify Austin’s neighborhoods.