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Board Member Highlight – Meet Matt Hollon

By March 4, 2015No Comments

Matt1 2006.07.31 cropGreetings fellow Austinites and Central Texans! I am very excited to introduce myself to you, my favorite tree-loving folk! It has been an honor for me to join the TreeFolks Board of Directors recently. I have a life-long passion for the outdoors, gardening, and environmental stewardship, as well a special love for trees.

Some of my fondest memories are of planting trees with family, friends, and neighbors. It is so thrilling to return to a spot, years later, to see just how much a tree has grown. Sunshine, rain, soil, and the tree itself do most of the work—but what a joy to see how our one action helps support the wondrous life force that is a tree. Just think of the many splendid things that trees do: provide oxygen, cool and clean the air, conserve water, shade us from the hot Texas sun, conserve energy, raise property values, increase business traffic,  beautify neighborhoods, provide wildlife habitat and nature’s own jungle gym for growing children.  The inspiring list goes on.

However long a list you make, everyone knows that trees are essential in making Central Texas such a special place. With drought and urbanization taking a heavy toll, Austin’s trees need our more help than ever, which makes me all the more grateful for TreeFolks and its volunteers who help our community plant tens of thousands of trees each year. So, back last October, while participating in the joyous event that saw the one millionth tree planted by you, the TreeFolks volunteers and supporters, I was so moved that I inquired about joining the TreeFolks Board of Directors.

I, like you, am eager to do the little things that add up to the big things that this amazing, community-building group makes happen. So, please join me in whatever way you can: volunteering, donating, cheerleading, and otherwise inspiring. And, speaking of donating, you have a special opportunity on March 5th and 6th to have any contribution you make go even further through the matching funds local businesses are donating during the Amplify Austin city-wide fundraising event. Please consider a donation to TreeFolks on Amplify Austin Day.

Many hands make light work, as an outing at our volunteer planting days will attest to. Your contributions, large and small, really add up to keep TreeFolks planting. I look forward to working with you.

Matt Hollon
TreeFolks Board of Directors