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Trees and Togetherness

By October 6, 2017No Comments

The change in light is what I notice first about fall. Angled low in the sky, the sun’s rays light the field around our office with a cinematic flair that can’t be beat for an afternoon stretch. The way the leaves flutter and create a shimmering pattern on the grass is energizing, which I need after this morning’s delivery of 1,704 trees (to be precise)–just a fraction of the trees that TreeFolks and our friends and neighbors will plant this season. Starting on October 14, TreeFolks will host plantings, giveaways, tree ID hikes, and educational programs nearly every weekend through the end of March. That may seem daunting, but after hauling nearly 2000 trees alongside volunteers and staff in a mere morning, I’m not only ready, but excited to get the season underway.

In preparing for the season, I’ve been reading through the notes from last season, thinking about how to do our best for the people and communities we serve. One word resounds in the notes from last year: “together”. The people who work to plant saplings or distribute trees love being together with their families; learning about their local parks together with neighbors; or nerding out over nature together with new friends. The trees are at the center of it all, but at its core, TreeFolks’ work is all about bringing people together.

Today’s work was just a tiny preview of that great sense of community, and I am so grateful to have a chance to work with you alltogether.