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Weekday Warriors Warm Up at Norman Elementary!

By December 14, 2017No Comments

Although it was rainy and cold enough to challenge humans on the morning of Thursday, December 7, it was perfect weather for planting trees to shade playgrounds! Thirty volunteers from NXP and the Colorado River Constructors braved the drizzle and planted 19 much-needed trees on the campus of Norman Elementary in East Austin. Principal Wendy Mills even joined in to plant a tree!


The tree planting event was made possible by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (Mobility Authority) and NXP, who partnered with TreeFolks to fund the installation of an irrigation system at the school. Watering is often the primary barrier to planting on school grounds, and this system will keep the newly-planted trees watered throughout the school year and our hot Texas summers. The school did not previously have a tree watering system in place so the new irrigation system will greatly encourage the young trees’ growth.

We are thrilled by this public-private partnership, especially in engaging current TreeFolks and Norman partners. Since 2014, the Mobility Authority has been the presenting sponsor of TreeFolks’ community tree planting and education programs. NXP has partnered with Norman Elementary for nearly a decade through their Adopt a School campaign.

The 5- and 15-gallon native trees will not only provide much-needed shade for the students at Norman. They will also provide a cool gathering place for the community during our hot months, and a space for families to congregate outdoors. It may have been cold that morning, but the collaborative effort to plant trees for this community sure warmed our hearts.