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Texas Living Waters: Reforesting stream banks to create ribbons of life

By January 25, 2019No Comments

“The western half of Travis County, home to the city of Austin, is famous for its Hill Country vistas, limestone canyons and cypress-lined rivers and streams. However, the eastern half of the county is often overlooked – it sits on the coastal plain and is dominated by fast-growing suburbs, cotton fields and pastures that have largely replaced the native prairies.

The creeks in the eastern part of the county have long been neglected too – stripped of their tree cover and the roots that hold their banks together, many of these streams are now little more than eroded gullies that scar the land. However, help is on the way: thanks to the nonprofit TreeFolks and other organizations, thousands of trees are being planted on private land in an effort to turn these streams into the vibrant ribbons of green that they once were.”

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