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A Commitment to Standing with Our Community Against Racism.

By June 4, 2020No Comments

A key element of TreeFolks’ mission is to build stronger communities. We do this in part by planting and caring for trees. But those efforts become secondary when individuals and institutions act to undermine the rights of our friends, our neighbors, and our humanity. We must take action and demand change.

TreeFolks is dedicated to standing with our community against racism. We are also first to admit that we can do more to amplify social justice throughout all of our programs, and we will use the tools and resources available to us to eliminate these barriers.

As long as social and political disparities exist, TreeFolks commits to actively addressing the environmental discrimintation that impacts our community. From the disproportionate access to green space to the overall increased impact of climate change, we vow to strengthen our resolve to oppose injustice and inequity.

We at TreeFolks also understand that now is a time to listen. We invite your comments, perspectives, and insights so that TreeFolks may further develop and demonstrate our renewed commitment to building stronger communities.

In solidarity,

The TreeFolks Team