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Cindy Ybarra’s Rewilding Story

By May 9, 2023May 11th, 2023No Comments

Cindy Ybarra worked with TreeFolks’ Reforestation team this season to plant a variety of native saplings on 7.5 acres on her 30 acre farm.

Cindy happily smiling among nature

Cindy said she has always loved forests and trees. “I grew up on a farm and I love to be out in nature,” she said. “I missed living that way since I left home.” She and her son recently started a farm out in the country and have been in the process of rewilding the land, adding water harvesting, a composting toilet, and a conservation cemetery inspired by the work of author Isabella Tree.

“I was trying to do reforestation out at my farm but not having a lot of success,” she said. “TreeFolks was able to provide the expertise and the crew because I didn’t have the money or the stamina to plant that much land on my own.”



Since acquiring the property in 2016, Cindy has put a wildlife exemption in place and has removed the grazing livestock in order to restore the native ecosystem, allowing the native grasses and other vegetation to grow. She has seen the results of these efforts as the saplings are welcoming the returning quail, back at the property for the first time in years. “I’m really excited to see how things will turn out at the farm. These trees will revitalize the land, take in water, create shade, and bring in pollinators,” she said. “This is a comprehensive plan to address the climate crisis.”

You or someone you know can help in these reforestation efforts.

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This article was written by Elle Ignatowski, our Communications & Media Manager. Elle is a lifelong lover of nature and trees with a background in education, watershed management, climate activism, environmental justice, and advocacy.