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How To Protect Your Trees Before A Freeze

By January 10, 2024No Comments

If you’ve seen the weather forecast, a freeze is coming to the Austin area. 

After the grueling effects of 2023’s Winter Storm Mara on our trees, many of us are worried whenever a freeze approaches.

We asked Valerie Tamburri, our Lead Arborist, and Katherine Brown, our Tree Distribution Coordinator, to provide some steps to help protect our tree friends before a freeze.

    1. Water your trees deeply.

      The water will help insulate and protect the roots from the freezing underground. If it is a native tree, no further action is required. Drought-stressed trees are much more likely to sustain damage from a freeze than well-watered trees.

    2. Cover the trees.

      The crown or leaves of small sensitive trees, such as young fruit trees, can be wrapped with freeze cloth after a deep watering. You can cover smaller trees with sheets or tarps, but the cover must be large enough to reach the ground and then secured. Mulching your tree before a big freeze can also help protect the roots.

    3. Bring your tree inside.

      If you have yet to plant your container tree, bring it into your garage or a sheltered area until the freezing temperatures pass.

This information will help you and your tree family in the upcoming weather event. Take care and stay warm!


Valerie Tamburri, Director of Reforestation & Lead TreeFolks Arborist, and Katherine Brown, Tree Distribution Coordinator, provided the information for this article.