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Reduce energy use, offset carbon, cool down the City, and grow something good to eat! TreeFolks’ NeighborWoods Program is providing 4,500 free 5-gallon trees for Austinites to adopt starting in October and going through March. If you want to join the movement to Keep Austin Rooted, planting trees is a great start.

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How Do I Qualify?

Applications are open to residents, small businesses, and community spaces located in the City of Austin’s Full Purpose Jurisdiction and Austin Energy electricity customers.

Since tree care is a long-term commitment, applicants must commit to nurturing the tree, especially through regular watering during the critical first two years of establishment.

We follow the “Right Tree, Right Place” principal. Applicants must have enough space* for the tree to grow and flourish.

Not an Austin Energy customer nor resident living in Austin’s Full Purpose Jurisdiction? Check out our Sapling Days. There are no qualifications necessary to adopt a sapling.

How Do I Care For My Tree?

Caring for your new tree is critical in the first two years after planting it. During that time, your tree is working hard to establish itself. Watering and mulching it will help your tree to grow strong for years to come! 

We conduct an annual survival study in which we randomly select trees to assess in vehicle inspections from the street. We won’t share your contact information with anyone or send you a bunch of unrelated emails. It really is totally free!

Here are some links to helpful Resources:

Tree Planting Instructions

Native Tree Growing Guide

How Do I Get My Tree? 

Free Tree Delivery

This season TreeFolks will be delivering trees more than ever before! Due to Covid-19, we have switched to a fully contactless delivery method so that you can still get a tree for your yard!

A few notes:

  • While we will make every attempt to serve every eligible customer, we are also working to address green equity issues throughout the City of Austin. As a result, we will be focusing our efforts to make sure all Austinites have equal access to the benefits urban trees provide.
  • Delivery is free and contactless!
  • Using Google Maps data, we evaluate your property and offer trees based on available space.*
  • Approved applicants may choose from a list of available species.

Attend an Adoption Event!

TreeFolks will have 4 drive-through adoption events in the spring. These events will follow all COVID-19 protocols based on what stage Austin is in! Check back for information on safety guidelines, locations, and updates on adoption events.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Adopt and take a tree home that day!
  • Each household member in attendance (up to 5) may adopt a tree.
  • Please bring one of the following: Austin Energy bill, ID with an Austin Full Purpose Jurisdiction address, or Austin Library card as proof of residence.

About NeighborWoods:

The TreeFolks program, NeighborWoods, partners with the City of Austin to reduce energy consumption and lower the city heat index by expanding the tree canopy cover of Austin. NeighborWoods is proudly supported by Austin Energy and the Community Tree Preservation Division in the Development Services Department. NeighborWoods has distributed over 70,000 free trees to date!

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