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TreeFolks Young Professionals

TreeFolks Young Professionals (ages 21 – 40ish) volunteer, educate, fundraise, and build community in support of the mission of TreeFolks: planting, caring for, and giving people free trees to plant!

TreeFolks Young Professionals

TreeFolks Young Professionals (ages 21 – 40ish) volunteer, educate, fundraise, and build community in support of the mission of TreeFolks: planting, caring for, and giving people free trees to plant!

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TreeFolks has planted more than 2.8 million trees across Central Texas. TreeFolks Young Professionals’ volunteerism and gifts support the next million.


Keep up with us on Facebook or our group and make new friends at group volunteer events and socials like Tree Mappy Hours and Solstice parties.


Learn and teach more about our urban forest, how to keep it healthy, and how to keep it growing.


Grow your positive environmental impact, knowledge, and circle of friends by becoming a TreeFolks Young Professional Member.

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Meet Our Core Team:

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TreeFolks Young Professionals Core Team members volunteer to help plan social, educational, volunteer, and fundraising events to help engage young professionals in planting trees and caring for the environment.

Kyle Hoskins

Software Consultant

"I work on my computer all day, so I love a chance to get outside, enjoy nature, and play sports (tennis, volleyball, flag football). Unfortunately, I don’t have a place to plant my own trees, but TreeFolks gives me a chance to support planting trees all across Austin!"

James Odom

Environmental Consultant

"I spend the majority of my free time outside in the many forests and green spaces of central Texas. Volunteering with tree folks provides an opportunity to measurably improve the health of my community and preserve its beauty for years to come."

Elizabeth Bennett

Consulting Associate Manager

"I love being out in nature and am passionate about environmental issues. Unfortunately, the focus of my work is in a different area, so I was excited to find Treefolks to lend my time and energy toward such a great cause."

Andrew Overby

Product Manager

"I have always been interested in environmental & nature-related topics, and spend a lot of time outside when I can. In the past, I've done some gardening, and look forward to helping plant lots of trees!"

Timothy Brown

Project Manager

"I have spent over half of my life outside; I love the outdoors. As an environmental engineer and nature lover, I have always tried to think of creative ways to sustain and enhance our environment. I’m a firm believer that if new ways and approaches are incorporated, huge strides will be made towards the future improvement of the environment. TreeFolks allows me to get creative, use my hands, and get involved in whatever capacity. Since Mother Earth has opened her arms to us, I guess it’s only right that we give back to her."

Rick Hammond

Park Planner

"I’ve always loved being outdoors, immersing myself in nature. I’m grateful to have a job that takes me all over the state, exploring the many state parks that Texas has to offer. TreeFolks allows me to use my skills and give back on a local level."

Jackie Vay

Outdoor Education Specialist

"As an Austin native I have always enjoyed the many green spaces our city has to offer. TreeFolks helps me get outside more and gives me the opportunity to improve our local environment together. I’m excited to be a part of the team!"

Lexi Elio

Policy Analyst

"I am passionate about the power of policy to improve quality of life and protect natural resources. While my work provides an abstract understanding of the environment, it is important to me to enjoy our city’s beautiful natural areas and diverse communities, too. TreeFolks offers the opportunity to ground my green advocacy in a like-minded team and get my hands dirty in the best way — planting trees!"

Kelsey Daugherty


"For as long as I can remember, I have spent every second possible outside. I love nature and am passionate about preserving our beautiful surroundings for Austinites now and for generations to come. Volunteering with TreeFolks is special because it allows me to give back to the community while doing what I love!"

Sam Levin

Product Manager

"I've always valued the chance to make a positive impact in my community and strongly believe everyone needs to play a part in supporting the environment and local ecosystems. TreeFolks provides a great opportunity to improve our community and connect with other like-minded environmental advocates. I'm excited to play my part!"

Ronald Downs

Business Analyst

"Outside of my career, I enjoy spending time in nature and giving back to the ATX community. Austin TreeFolks offers the chance to make a positive impact on our local community and environment at large."

Sabina Sheppard-Olivares

Veterinary Oncologist

"The best part of living and working in Central Texas are the green spaces and urban forest. I love TreeFolks' mission of building community through planting trees!"

Kristina Gaudin


"I work as a Teaching Assistant in a Montessori School. Nature and education are huge parts of my life. In my free time I love to hike, learn about birds, read, and learn about botany. TreeFolks gives me a chance to address my concerns about our climate and the environment in a positive and productive way."

Rosaline Chen

Analytics Consultant

"I love all things related to sustainability and zero-waste lifestyles, and I love helping others tap into their environmentally-conscious best selves to save our planet. My favorite tree encounter has been the redwoods in California. You know that feeling of when you're a tiny being existing in awe under a looming behemoth that is expansive in all directions and rich with history? I've been chasing that ever since."

Amanda Sullivan

Environmental Educator

"I am passionate about connecting children to nature. It makes me smile when they pick up a big-as-your-face sycamore leaf or try to hug a live oak as a class. Volunteering to create positive environmental impacts brings me joy and purpose. I think the benefits trees give a beautiful example of the interconnectedness between people & the land. I am thrilled to serve others in this capacity."

Lauren Chavez

Video Producer

"Nature has always been a source, where I find inspiration and tranquility. I am excited to volunteer with TreeFolks and make a meaningful contribution to the community by helping to preserve and enhance Austin's green spaces for current and future generations to enjoy."

Zinnia Gibson

Software Engineer

"I'm just your run-of-the-mill tree enthusiast passionate about spreading tree love. TreeFolks gives me an opportunity to use that enthusiasm to create a meaningful impact on the community."

Christina Sze

Information Security Analyst

"With TreeFolks I'm looking forward to being outdoors and in fresh air while cultivating a healthier environment for Austinites and the creatures that live here. I've always found joy by being in nature and from caring for plants and watching them grow. I'm excited to be joining a team that is enthusiastic about planting and stewarding the environment together!"

Casey McGoun

Workplace Health and Safety Specialist

"I love spending time in nature, especially while mountain biking and hiking. TreeFolks allows me to connect with my interests, learn, and give back in a meaningful way."

Leah Frizzell


"I currently work a desk job, and miss my days out in the field as an environmental scientist. I have volunteered for years with a variety of STEM and environmental outreach groups in both New Orleans and Houston for over 10 years. I am new to Austin and happy to get involved with Tree People and our community. If I am not at work or the gym I'll be happy to help out with whatever events we have!"

Jason Poteet

Jason Poteet

General Computer Guy

"Most of my days is spent in front of the computer screen for meetings and work. So whenever I can I love to be outside in the sun! Being a part of TreeFolks helps me connect with other people with a similar love for nature while also giving me the opportunity to better help our environrment."

Andrew Anstrom

Andrew Anstrom

Owner, Tree Amigos

"A healthy urban forest is one of the primary things that make cities livable. I have basically dedicated my life and career to helping take care of Austin's Urban Forest. TreeFolks does so much good work for Austin that I just had to get involved."

Leah Thibodeau

Sr. Art Director

"I moved to Austin four years ago and have since bought a house and planted two trees from TreeFolks! I work in the creative and marketing field, and when I can get away from my desk, I love learning about sustainable living and exploring TX with my camera and pup, Beau."

Ed Griffin

Sales Director

"Howdy y'all! I see TFYP as a pro-active way to help build an environment for the future generations of the Austin community to enjoy and do a small part to take action towards fighting climate change.
I've been an East-Austinite for the past 2 years where I'm surrounded by Pecan, Oak and the odd Magnolia, everyday I see the huge impact the trees have on the different types of wildlife in the area. Whilst my indoor Fig Tree collection isn't in the best of shape, my dozen or so succulents are thriving so hoping to expand my green-ish thumb skills with y'all."

Alexis Dorn

Product Manager

"As a Product Manager for a grant making solution, I am a witness to the large financial need in our community for environmental programs. I'd like to bring my passion for these causes away from the computer and outside in nature and my Austin community. I believe in the One Health approach, where the health of our environment is intertwined with the health of animals and our community. I've worked, volunteered and sat on the board of other animal welfare and community development nonprofits."

Margot Piper

Development & Communications Director

"As a native Austinite, self-proclaimed tree hugger, and super-ultra-major admirer of our environment, I feel called to share the joy of our city’s abundant tree canopy. While having been a fan of TreeFolks since the age of seven, I am now currently serving as the organization’s Development Director and experiencing the abundant happiness that comes with caring for the planet!"

Zach Rubin

Data Analyst

"I work with computers and numbers a lot, but I'm passionate about nature and trees. I really like working with my hands and looking at a project when it's finished (like planting a baby tree)!"

Audrey Zuckerman

Business Analyst

"I try to be outside as much as possible and I love the beautiful downtown green spaces in Austin and the many beautiful hiking opportunities here. I am excited to support an organization that supports our city’s trees."

Eduardo Rosillo

Government Employee

"I work in an office environment, mostly remotely from home. I'm an avid runner and soccer player who enjoys being active and spending as much time outside as possible. I do have a small patio where we've already planted one tree provided by TF. My intention is to learn support my community, give a little back to this city that has given me so much, and find an excuse to be outside."

Ellie Pearson

Business Analyst

Hello! As a long-time outdoor enthusiast, nature has given me so much to appreciate and cherish. Through organizations like TreeFolks, I feel lucky to have opportunities to give back to the outdoors.

Kiana Salazar

Arts Educator

I love spending time in nature and making art of all types. I try to incorporate plants, environmental protection, and community improvement with my art and service projects. I work with kids every day and am amazed by their creativity and enthusiasm to protect the spaces they inhabit. TreeFolks allows me to do what I love with like-minded folks and allows me to learn about how to better serve my community and the Earth that houses us.