COVID-19 & Volunteering with TreeFolks: 

TreeFolks has a rich history of volunteerism, and our volunteers are the heart of our community programming. That’s why, during the COVID-19 pandemic, our number one priority is to keep our volunteers and staff safe.

TreeFolks has decided to halt all in-person volunteer opportunities for the 2020-2021 tree planting season.

This is to ensure that we can safely and happily come together to plant trees next fall.

Don’t worry! Although we will not be using volunteers to plant trees this season, we are still committed to getting all of those trees in the ground as we continue to reforest Central Texas!

Volunteering With TreeFolks - Volunteer photo

Girl Volunteering with TreeFolks

Thanks for Your Interest In Volunteering with TreeFolks!

The Texas tree planting season takes place from October through March each year.

Here’s why: in these cooler months, trees go dormant. This means that they are more likely to establish and survive!

Volunteering with TreeFolks is one of the most meaningful ways to get involved with your urban forest! This year, we may not be able to gather in person and plant trees, but there are still ways to engage with us!

Check back periodically and discover new ways to get involved in the drop-down menu on the right. 

Click the button below to sign-up for our volunteer waitlist and be the first to know when in-person opportunities become available.

Opportunities to Get Involved:

Lower your energy bills, beautify your neighborhood, and clean the city air and water with the addition of a new tree to your home! If you want to join the movement to preserve the quality of life in Austin, planting trees is a great way to start.

The NeighborWoods program, a proud partnership between the Community Tree Preservation Division of the City of Austin and TreeFolks, provides free trees to Austin residents. This year we’re delivering!

Loblolly pines are back! TreeFolks and Bastrop County partner once more to bring another 25,000 drought-tolerant pine saplings to residents in the Lost Pines region! Over 2 million saplings have been planted or distributed by TreeFolks since the historic fire that ravaged the area in 2011. To sign up for pine deliveries follow the link below! (available only for Lost Pines region public or private landowners)

Urban Forest Stewards program is a chance for community members to be educated and trained on the workings of our urban forest ecosystem. From tree biology and tree care to placemaking and ecosystem services, these informative and interactive adult-education sessions are designed to inspire the confidence and actions required to become a steward of Austin’s urban forest.

Learn how to identify native tree species! Safely go for your own Tree ID walk and see how many new tree species you notice!

Then, subscribe to our Youtube channel for more educational and fun content.

TreeFolks’ social media channels are the best to follow what we’re doing and stay engaged with the organization!

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