TreeFolks Young Professionals

TreeFolks Young Professionals (ages 21 – 40ish) volunteer, educate, fundraise, and build community in support of the mission of TreeFolks: planting, caring for, and giving people free trees to plant!

Community Building


TreeFolks has planted more than 2.8 million trees across Central Texas. TreeFolks Young Professionals’ volunteerism and gifts support the next million.



Keep up with us on Facebook or our group and make new friends at group volunteer events and socials like Tree Mappy Hours and Solstice parties.



Learn and teach more about our urban forest, how to keep it healthy, and how to keep it growing.

Urban Forest Building


Grow your positive environmental impact, knowledge, and circle of friends by becoming a TreeFolks Young Professional Member.  View our membership options!

Give a Tree to Austin

157 trees donated out of 175 goal

Ready to take the next step in supporting our Central Texas environment and reach our tree donation goal?

Every $20 gives a healthy ~5 foot tall tree to be planted in Austin.

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Single Tree


  • 1 Tree Donated
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access



  • 3 Trees Donated
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access
  • TreeFolks T-Shirt



  • 5+ Trees Donated
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access
  • TreeFolks T-Shirt
  • TreeFolks give-away tree of your choice

Our Core Team

… you?Applications Are Open!

TreeFolks Young Professionals Core Team members volunteer to help plan social, educational, volunteer, and fundraising events to help engage young professionals in planting trees and caring for the environment.  Click here to learn more and apply.

Kyle Hoskins
Kyle HoskinsSoftware Consultant

I work on my computer all day, so I love a chance to get outside, enjoy nature, and play sports (tennis, volleyball, flag football).  Unfortunately, I don’t have a place to plant my own trees, but TreeFolks gives me a chance to support planting trees all across Austin!

Jenny KlingshirnRenewable Energy Environmental Consultant

I grew up loving being outside, and now my job involved supporting renewable energy projects as an environmental scientist. I love that supporting TreeFolks gives me the opportunity to reach out to the Austin community in particular, and TreeFolks is our reminder that even in this dynamic, urban city, the importance of the environment and environmental education surrounds us!

Ted MaasLand Steward

My goal is to promote conservation of natural resources, restore structure and function to degraded ecosystems and include the public in these activities as much as possible. Being involved with TreeFolks helps me connect with others that have similar interests while giving me an opportunity to give back to our community.

Margot PiperDevelopment Director

As a native Austinite, self-proclaimed tree hugger, and super-ultra-major admirer of our environment, I feel called to share the joy of our city’s abundant tree canopy. While having been a fan of TreeFolks since the age of seven, I am now currently serving as the organization’s Development Director and experiencing the abundant happiness that comes with caring for the planet!

Jennifer RashidRegistered Nurse

Once I learned of the vital connection between human health and Nature and how to appreciate the wondrous complexity and pivotal role of Trees in the global ecosystem – I was sold! I am a Registered Nurse by profession, mother, wife, and outdoor-lover. I first learned of TreeFolks 4 yrs ago when I volunteered at a planting event. TreeFolksYP allows me to stay connected to this awesome organization!