TreeFolks Young Professionals

TreeFolks Young Professionals (ages 21 – 40ish) volunteer, educate, fundraise, and build community in support of the mission of TreeFolks: planting, caring for, and giving people free trees to plant!


Celebrate TreeFolks 4th Annual Summer Solstice with us from 6-8:38pm on Tuesday June 21st at Better Half Coffee & Cocktails/Hold Out Brewing!  Find the details on Meetup or Facebook.



TreeFolks has planted more than 2.8 million trees across Central Texas. TreeFolks Young Professionals’ volunteerism and gifts support the next million.



Keep up with us on Facebook or our group and make new friends at group volunteer events and socials like Tree Mappy Hours and Solstice parties.



Learn and teach more about our urban forest, how to keep it healthy, and how to keep it growing.



Grow your positive environmental impact, knowledge, and circle of friends by becoming a TreeFolks Young Professional Member.  View our membership options!

Give a Tree to Austin

294 trees donated out of 300 goal

Ready to take the next step in supporting our Central Texas environment and reach our tree donation goal?

Every $20 gives a healthy ~5 foot tall tree to be planted in Austin.

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  • $20 Donated to TreeFolks
  • Event Discounts
  • Exclusive Facebook Group/Slack Access
  • Leadership Opportunities



  • $60 Donated to TreeFolks
  • Event Discounts
  • Exclusive Facebook Group/Slack Access
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  • TreeFolksYP T-Shirt



  • $100 Donated to TreeFolks
  • Event Discounts
  • Exclusive Facebook Group/Slack Access
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • TreeFolksYP T-Shirt
  • TreeFolks give-away tree of your choice

Our Core Team

… you?Applications Reopen in December

TreeFolks Young Professionals Core Team members volunteer to help plan social, educational, volunteer, and fundraising events to help engage young professionals in planting trees and caring for the environment.  Applications for 2022 have closed, but please follow along for ways to get involved!

Kyle Hoskins
Kyle HoskinsSoftware Consultant

I work on my computer all day, so I love a chance to get outside, enjoy nature, and play sports (tennis, volleyball, flag football).  Unfortunately, I don’t have a place to plant my own trees, but TreeFolks gives me a chance to support planting trees all across Austin!

Armando SanchezClinical Social Worker

Trees never fail to mesmerized me. Their beauty and all that they provide the environment blows my mind every time I think about it. While I can’t dedicate all of my time to trees, being outside among them and volunteering with TreeFolks and TreeFolks YP allows me to engage my love, admiration, and passion for them.

Timothy BrownProject Manager

I have spent over half of my life outside; I love the outdoors. As an environmental engineer and nature lover, I have always tried to think of creative ways to sustain and enhance our environment. I’m a firm believer that if new ways and approaches are incorporated, huge strides will be made towards the future improvement of the environment. TreeFolks allows me to get creative, use my hands, and get involved in whatever capacity. Since mother earth has opened her arms to us, I guess it’s only right that we give back to her.

Lexi ElioPolicy Analyst

I am passionate about the power of policy to improve quality of life and protect natural resources. While my work provides an abstract understanding of the environment, it is important to me to enjoy our city’s beautiful natural areas and diverse communities, too. TreeFolks offers the opportunity to ground my green advocacy in a like-minded team and get my hands dirty in the best way — planting trees!

James OdomEnvironmental Consultant

I spend the majority of my free time outside in the many forests and green spaces of central Texas. Volunteering with tree folks provides an opportunity to measurably improve the health of my community and preserve its beauty for years to come.

Rick HammondPark Planner

I’ve always loved being outdoors, immersing myself in nature. I’m grateful to have a job that takes me all over the state, exploring the many state parks that Texas has to offer. TreeFolks allows me to use my skills and give back on a local level.

Jackie VayOutdoor Education Specialist

As an Austin native I have always enjoyed the many green spaces our city has to offer. TreeFolks helps me get outside more and gives me the opportunity to improve our local environment together. I’m excited to be a part of the team!

Annette MoralesGraphic Designer

One of the main reasons I fell in love with Austin was its green areas and lakes. I would love to continue contributing to the environment and this city to keep those green areas alive as well as helping plant more trees and encouraging more people to do so. TreeFolks is a perfect organization to help achieve this and thus improve our environment.

Mina SucurSoftware Developer

I’ve always enjoyed spending time outdoors and in nature, so I’ve been looking for ways to do my part in keeping our world beautiful. TreeFolks gives me the opportunity to make a difference with other tree admirers!

Margot PiperDevelopment Director

As a native Austinite, self-proclaimed tree hugger, and super-ultra-major admirer of our environment, I feel called to share the joy of our city’s abundant tree canopy. While having been a fan of TreeFolks since the age of seven, I am now currently serving as the organization’s Development Director and experiencing the abundant happiness that comes with caring for the planet!

Isabelle RiddleNon-profit Coordinator

I currently work for the local non-profit Explore Austin, where I help underserved Austin youth access and appreciate natural spaces and outdoor adventure. It is my goal to one day return to school to study ecology or wildlife biology. I love being outside and breathing in the wonderful world around me, and I want to share this feeling with my fellow humans!

Ivette VillalbaGardener

I used to spend my days sitting in front of my computer. I am now privileged enough to work full time tending to plants and landscaping. I love that TreeFolks gives me the opportunity to further my passions for caring for our planet and connecting people to nature.

Ted MaasLand Steward

My goal is to promote conservation of natural resources, restore structure and function to degraded ecosystems and include the public in these activities as much as possible. Being involved with TreeFolks helps me connect with others that have similar interests while giving me an opportunity to give back to our community.

Gloria GonzalezEducation Specialist

I’m passionate about education and health and wellness. I think the best way to make sure younger generations thrive is by getting them to engage with the environment and TreeFolks gives me an opportunity to help make that happen. In my free time I like to walk, bike and learn languages. I usually do all of this alongside my dog, Daisy.

Danielle SnyderEducator

I spend most of my days in the classroom, so I look forward to any chance to get outside and reconnect with nature. Treefolks allows me the opportunity to help serve my community and the environment by planting trees throughout Austin!

Caroline StewartSenior Financial Analyst

My hobbies and passions include health and nutrition, yoga, and being outdoors – going back to the source for energy and connecting with nature! I am always looking to help bring our planet back to health in any way I can, and I am excited to have found a community in which I can do this alongside like-minded people!